About Us

There is Hope

The Joseph Project 863 is a volunteer mentoring program that provides assistance to low income workers, under - unemployed individuals and newly graduating high school students. Many citizens currently are ineligible for services through the traditional social service avenues. Our project will provide a hand-up via training scholarships and supportive services to those who could not participate otherwise.







We have cultivated partners with local employers, businesses and social service agencies in Hendry and Glades counties that include and surround Clewiston Florida. This partnership will be the foundation for services. The grant Funding will be the "hand-up" - or opportunity- for those that are not eligible for assistance through our partners at Career Source SWFL due to the many eligibility requirements tied to the funding.



Clewiston Adult School

Clewiston Adult School
475 E Osceola Ave
Clewiston, FL 33440
Phone: (863) 983-1512

Suncoast Trucking Academy

Suncoast Trucking Academy
28040 Airpark Dr.
Punta Gorda, FL 33982
Phone: (941) 347-7445

Palm Beach State College

Palm Beach State College
1977 SW College Dr.
Belle Glade, FL 33430
Phone: (561) 993-1122

Glades County Training Facility

Glades County Training Facility
Moore Haven, FL


Our Mission


Our mission is to encourage and support our citizens who have been so greatly affected by the automation of local industry which cost so many their jobs and lifestyles. Our goal is to open opportunities for citizens who have a desire to retool their careers to be more applicable for the job market of today, by supplying funding for ambitious residents to attend trade schools that will meet the needs of local industry.

We understand that the era of the general laborer is quickly fading and the Joseph Project 863 - Jobs Project will help retool our citizens to meet the needs of our business community today and into the future.

Our Mark of Success


Our mark of success is to supply our community with skilled trades’ persons ready to address the needs of our local employers, assisting our citizens from government assistance to financial freedom, and to introduce a new generation to the limitless opportunities of the skilled trades.



Our after school tutoring program helps out kids ages 8-12 to reach their full potential. We have a dedicated staff that works hands on with our students, giving them the attention and encouragement they need to reach their goals. Our high school students earn their volunteer hours for the Bright Futures Scholarship Program through their volunteer service in our program.

To apply for tutoring services call 863-667-7243